Movies movies and more movies

June 11, 2008

Hmm… This summer has turned into a good summer movies.

First off, IRONMAN!!! Turned out to be quite a thrill ride. Dispite the fact of having no good villian, it still turned out to be an amazing ride. If you like action movies, this one is a can’t miss. To me, its the second best comic book movie of all time, closely behind Spiderman 2. (Note: Only if you don’t count V for Vendetta as a comic book movie)

Second off, Kung Fu Panda. Now, when I saw the trailer… I thought this movie was gonna suck. Now, this movie is my favourite dreamworks animated full length film. (Shrek 1 close behind) All of you that wrote the movie off, if you appreciate random slapstick humour, please oh please give this film a chance. Seriously, this movie got 86% on rottentomatoes. Who the hell saw that coming? Sure its cliche, its lacking greatly in plot. But its not overly full of itself and never tries to be more than what it can be. Great Great movie… (Note: Loved the music in it… wonder if there’s a sound track. I had slight beef with Mulan’s music… But not kung ku panda’s. It was RIGHT ON)

Third off Forgetting Sarah Marshal. 85% rotten tomatoes over looked piece of the summer. From the team that brought you “The 40 year old virgin” and “knocked up” the That pretty much sums it up. It’s a love or hate movie for people. Second best romantic comedy of the year behind “Definitely, Maybe”

Finally…. I’m utterly totally over hyped over Wall-E right now…. I’m predicting this movie to my favourite movie of all time… Don’t ask me why… Just when I found out they made an animated film of a character that doesn’t speak… this whole concepts just speaks to me. I can’t wait to be blown away by the subtle yet strong emotion which is gonna be portraited from beeps and buzzes and frowns and body language. It’s gonna be genius… And now that I’ve over hyped it beyond any chance of it living up to my expectations…. 3 more weeks to be disappointed…. can’t wait 🙂



Damn that gas

June 11, 2008

So filled up today. Personal high… $81.75 and that was for 91 oct, I usually do 94 oct if I can. The thing is… when I saw that total dollar value, it was shocking at first…. but on second though I don’t think its that horrible.  I mean I don’t think our gas prices are un-reasonable. People in EU pay triple what we pay.

I mean, sure everything is more expensive. But people are now more fuel aware. American cars are soon becoming a dying breed. Bad quality and bad fuel efficiency is really really them. They’re trying to be more “green” right now, but if you read the specs on their hybrids, they’re still way behind the curve.

Granted, I’m well aware that I don’t exactly drive the most fuel efficient car. But I do get 11km on the liter with my style of driving. Close to 600km per tank, and I’ve gotten close to 800km per tank on pure highway driving.

(Side note… Just saw a commercial on the TSX.. WTF is that POS? omg what are they doing? First the G35 now the TSX… and don’t even get me started on the STI… Its like a game of lets take our best looking car and make it ugly… And Toyota is stupid in a whole other way… you take a sexy cage like the matrix and you put a 2.4 liter with only 158 HP on it…. WTF?)

So anyways, my point is… don’t weep for Jeeps going down because they make fuel inefficient cars. Don’t complain about gas prices when they’re still rather affordable. And switch to a more fuel efficient car.

(unless you run your own company and the gas prices are rapping your profits up the ass… then you have all the right in the world to bitch and whine. I’m looking at you James)


It just looks so much better with the skirt no? 🙂

To do detailing or not for the summer… That is the question…

Random Otaku Weekend

May 29, 2008

Was at anime north this weekend.

First time ever at an anime convention… didn’t really know what to expect. Didn’t really start planning it till the night before.

First off, this thing was HUGE…. like THREE locations huge…

The cosplay was alot better than I expected. The artwork was also better than I expected…. But what REALLY blew me away was the panels.

First off, I have a feeling that 80% of the panels sucked. You just gotta goto the right ones. Second. Some were more panel oriented, where is sort of an open discussion for anything you wanna talk about. And some, are more like a lecture where there’s a speaker that gives a presentation. But some panels… JUST ROCKED !!!

Ya… There’s this presenter Iris I think her name is, she’s a PHD psychology student. And it just seems like whatever panel I was at, she was there. Three out of the 4 panels I stayed longer than 2 min has her in it. I guess I just have a thing for thought inspiring anime.  She was a moderator for the 12 Kingdoms panel, and she was the lecturer on the Neo genesis Evangelion and lecturer for the Death Note Panel.

The deathnote one was boring. The 12 kingdom one she was good at moderating the discussions but nothing blew me away. Btu the eva one…. WOW the eva one.

See the thing is. I consider eva one of my favourite anime of all time. I personally think its one of the most overrated and underrated anime of all time. And I had tons and tons of personal thoughts and theories on the anime.

Well, here are what theories I have about eva:

First off, I always felt there was an undertone of Oedipal Complex associated with Shinji. I mean, he hates his dad, that part was clear. His dad was a failure as a father with out a doubt. Shinji probably wanted to kill him on occation. Second He was “in love” with Rei. Who was a clone of his mother and whom was obsessed with his father. If that’s not  Oedipal Complex written all over it I dunno what.

I felt the whole “romantic” aspect of the anime gives alot of broad views of what attracts one person from another. The main point would be…. Guys are retards. Shinji is infatuated with Rei cause she’s un-approachable. Shinji is infatuated with Askua because she’s “better” than him. Both girls are “in love” with another man. So its a tragic tradition case of wanting what you can’t have.

Then there’s the whole personal growth thing with Shinji. How he’s forced/manipulated  into a role he’s not comfortable doing. How he learned to deal with it. I also found the fact that his self confidence is always inversely proportional to asuka’s confidence level kinda interesting.

So I went into that lecture not expecting to be blown away by interpretation of symbolism. I wanted maybe more info on the biblical references and mythologies.

But… damn…. She pwned my puny little theories.

First she put Freud’s personality theories in there. Shinji was the ego, the main guy. Asuka was the super ego, and the conscience. While Rei was the want. The she put some Joon on the powerpoint presentation and talked some Roles and expected roles. Then got into some existentialism symbolisms and Me vs I references. The whole experience was a great brain teaser.

She summed it up pretty well in the end, to paraphrase “I dunno if using psychology to introduce/describe eva or using eva to introduce/describe psychology. I’m just trying to give an objective analysis of the piece with my own subjective interpretations”

Note: Personally, I don’t like her Asuka as the super ego and conscience theory. I can’t refute it. I think it can stand pretty well. But I just don’t like it. However, it meshes very well with a part of the ending which I still fail at finding a fitting interpretation for. Shinji is washed up on a shore with with asuka and he’s choking her. At that point, he can be with anyone he wants, but it was asuka that washed up on the shore with him, simply because your conscience is always there no matter if you like it or not. You can try to deny it, but it will always be there.

Note 2: I didn’t get much into her theories cause I don’t wanna mis-quote her.

Death Note Note: She basically related all the main characters in the series to a personality disorder. I don’t believe there’s been another introduction to psychology seminar which when the term “Autism Spectum Disorder” is shown on the slide, a whole room of people cheered and clapped simply because we’re about to diagnose L.

Lastly, the one piece panel was …. quite enjoyable. Not alot of thinking, just a bunch of people that loved one piece in a room together. At one point the moderator asked “How many people at one point cried or felt a strong urge to cry?” It was comforting to see a room of 30+ people 80% of which are guys (reluctantly) all raise their hands.

All in all, quite enjoyable weekend. Alot better than I expected. Jam packed. Will definitely attend again next year. Weird realizations though…. The experience of surrounded by various hardcore cosplaying kids for the weekend had made me feel younger, as well as feel way too old at the same time.

Random Weekend

April 3, 2008

So had a random weekend.

Stayed a little later at work on friday. Wondering where people was all heading… Nothing was of interests. So decided to go watch a movie by myself.

So here’s the thing. I resent the fact that watching a movie with friends as sort of became an acceptable means of social activity. Its not like you talk to them about the movie. And RARELY do you actually have a discussion ABOUT the movie after. More often than not, you end up with “Did you like the movie”  “Yup”  “Cool, me too” kinda “discussions” So ya, I actually prefer to go watch movies alone. Lets me be with my thoughts alone.

Well, the movie I watched was “Be kind, rewind” Wasn’t as a good as I thought it’d be… which is too bad. I’ve always viewed Jack Black as an underrated actor/entertainer. But this was just one of those BAD jack black movies.

Since there wasn’t much food for thought. I guess I felt… empty emotionally after the movie. With the time being midnight, instead of heading on home, I decided to just drive. I started heading north on the 404. Sound system pumping out old tune’s I just burned.  And just went no where. Well, actually I ended up a little past new market. Which was pretty much no where. gas’d up and went on home. It felt good. I burned probably 5 bucks in gas, but it relaxing.

So I’m at Victor’s house party on Saturday. Sat there chilling with some buddies… Making random basketball chit chat.

Me : “Man, you guys know white basketball players make more money than their black counterparts with similar skill sets?”

Artem : “Why?”

Me : “Popularity… take Wally Szczerbiak, he has a whole legion of fans, that don’t follow basketball…. they only like him cause he’s hot”

Artem : “Well, I can see that…. I would agree…. if was a girl….. or gay…..”


Me and Artem : “BUT NOT BOTH !! ”

Me : “Ya…. Xor only….”

Artem : “Isn’t it sad that after 5 years of computer science schooling this is where we apply it?”

So ya… it was a proud and shameful moment. I’ve never felt so clever and retarded at the same time


Saw the “Jay Chow Movie”  不能說的秘密   He wrote the story, he star’d in it, he directed it. and surprisingly… it was VERY good.

It had a HUGE amount of plot holes. And surprizingly, I didn’t mind. It was just a good… enjoyable movie.

Anyways,  just a weird movie. Most people notice the plot holes, but most people just don’t care. It was just artistically presented, great chemistry between the actors, nice plot. It was just such a simple movie. In fact, due to the simpleness plot and pace, subtle feelings and interactions where actually made more powerful and as a result more beautiful.

I LOVED the female lead 桂綸鎂. There was a female supporting actor 曾愷玹, who I must admit was much better looking objectively. But the female lead just had such… classiness to her presence.  I mean, the lead was only GREAT looking in certain angle, and actually bad looking in certain angles. But you know what? the flaws actually made her more attractive.

(Also helped was I loved the way the lead actress spoke mandarin. Some people would tell you I’m quite anal about that. There are just certain mainland mandarin accents just just erks me the wrong way. There are also Taiwan mandarin accents which erks me in a worse way. I’m quite particular about which way mandarin is spoken, in order for me to find it attractive. And if you watched the movie, the female lead had it. Maybe a little bit too over on the cuteness side… But all in all, that was it. The way she spoke it too, was just beautiful.)

Anyways, you be the judge of who’s better looking….

桂綸鎂 (Lead):


曾愷玹 (Supporting Actress):

Favourite Movies of all time.

March 17, 2008

Saw a GREAT movie this weekend.

Definitely, Maybe.

It was clever, witty, and sappy. With a slightly bitter undertone. Great acting, great memorable lines and lots of food for thought. Just my kind of movie.

Highly recommended if you’re into the whole romantic comedy sorta thing. Made me redo my top ten list:

  1. As good as it gets.
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind.
  3. Beautiful Mind.
  4. Forest Gump.
  5. South Park.
  6. Good Will Hunting.
  7. Jerry McGuire.
  8. Matrix.
  9. Definitely Maybe.
  10. Lost in translation.

I just noticed all my top movies sort of… follow a theme. Surprisingly with just one action film. I guess action films don’t really “move” me. I love a movie that makes me think I guess. Also, this is just my “hollywood” favourite movie list. Not counting asian film anime movies or foreign films.

Also saw Juno lately. I liked it. It was also, cleaver and witty and makes you think… But I didn’t find it GREAT. I think I “get it” but it… doesn’t move me.

This is my thoughts on what diablo cody was trying to get across in Juno. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

A) Feminism

 I think this is the key point of the movie. Feminism. Not in a guys are all pigs and woman should rule the earth kinda way. But in a … A girl can make all the decisions for herself kind way. She can be the initiator in sex. She can decide on what’s best for herself and follow through with her own decisions. She’s strong, independent, and smart. And woman can raise children all by themselves with out a husband, not because they have to, but simply because they want to. But on top of all that, I think the key is, she can be ALL that, BUT she can still have her soft moments. She can still get insanely jealous when her “boyfriend” decides to take another girl to the prom. She can still to pull the car aside on the highway to break down and cry. To me personally, feminism doesn’t mean that you have to be tough and jaded all the time. I think portrays feminism nicely and in a way I totally agree with and support. You should hear a woman’s roar, but also listen to her whimper.

B) Chasing Perfection is a pipe dream.

She spent so much effort and time looking for the “Perfect” adoption parents why? Simply because she came from a divorced family and she didn’t want the child to have  the same “broken up” family that she had. But ironically, her parents were the “Perfect” parents. They were fully supportive and understanding, they gave her tons of freedom. Her step mom was also amazing. She stood up for Juno when she felt Juno was being judged unfairly, and she made sacrifices to her own goals for the comfort of her step daughter. So ya, this point was a bit too in your face the “Oh look… the perfect couple is mess up… ”

(This sort of resonates nicely  with a philosophy in life I hold dearly. Perfection is flawed by its own perfection, true perfection is achieved by being flawed. For some reason people love arguing this school of thought to death.)

C) Cliche Love plot.

Your standard hollywood definition of true love. He was right there all along, she just didn’t notice it. But she noticed just in time for our happy ending. Too bad the real world doesn’t work like this.

D) and the MOST IMPORTANT point of all …… *Drum Roll*

If you’re a controlling wife/girlfriend, you’re gonna drive you man away.  TAA DAAAAA. hahaha

Anyways, great movie, just not GREAT to me probably cause these issues don’t move me that much.  But Juno’s “I don’t give a shit” attitude with her jaded bitter sarcastic undertone? Extremely well done and loveable. Well worth the watch.

Anyways, other than my top ten. Honorable Mentions:

  • Minority Report
  • Catch me if you can
  • Trueman Show
  • Hi-Fidelity
  • Hot fuzz
  • Rounders
  • Little miss sunshine
  • Monster’s Inc.
  • Cast Away

Highly Underrated movies which I enjoyed alot but I wouldn’t call great:

  • School of rock
  • Constantine
  • Superbad

I’m sure there are ones I’m missing…

Thinking too much…

February 21, 2008

My life goals got challenged…

“Why don’t you quit your job… and do something crazy? What would you do in that situation?”

I couldn’t really come up with an answer.

I’ve had lots of random things I wanted to do…. but none of them just seemed realistic enough…

  • Be a lego builder/designer.
  • Be a truck driver for a little while.
  • Teach english in japan
  • Be a professional blackjack player/card counter
  • Be a Prof
  • Be a dog breeder up north and ride around in sleighs.

Has these past 3 years of working full time killed me of my goals and dreams? I think full time job is like a drug… Eventually, you get addicted to the materialistic splurging and the comfortable living. Am I happy?

I don’t know how to answer that question. I can say I’m the happiest I’ve been for a long time. Especially this past couple of months. I’m happier than alot of people around me. I’ve made changes to my life.. tried new things.. Made new friends.. I actually like my job..Things are good.

But there’s a sense of… lack of excitement in my life. I don’t do crazy things like the ones I listed above. Maybe I’m just getting old. I’m jealous of the kids just coming out of school… I’m jealous of the people that do crazy stuff like go teach english in japan.

My life is like the perfect supply and demand curve….

Where Quantity is the amount of work life balance I get.

Supply is my Pay.

Demand is happiness.

So if I switch jobs to one that gives me less work life balance, my pay will be higher, but my happiness will be lower too.

If I look at people living out my crazy dreams, their pay is lower, but their happiness is higher…

But I’m at the optimal point right now… Perfect balance of Work and happiness and pay.

The grass is always greener on the other side… I can always look at people being adventurous with their lives and admire how free and inspirational their lives are. I can always look at the jobs which I can land which will pay me more. So I’m left with little ways of tweaking my personal life with new hobbies and goals.

So I guess this is why I can’t do anything crazy in my life….  I even find boring ways to justify my boringness.

Supply and Demand

Given up…

January 1, 2008

You asked if I was mad…

There is no anger. No resentment. Just disappointment.

Sometimes, you just can’t help people that don’t want to be helped.

Sometimes, some people just aren’t worth caring about.

Maybe I’m too naive. Thinking that I could make a difference.

I made an effort to make a difference… And in the end, it was all in vain.

That’s all alright. Cause I’m gonna stop caring now.

Merry Christmas

December 27, 2007

New blog… Why? I don’t really know… The last one was too depressing? And what better way to start off a new blog, with a new DEPRESSING RANT !!! Haha, naw, life’s good now. Haven’t written anything in a while… Excuse me while my thought jumps around.

My current mindset seems so familiar yet so distant. Why does it seem like I long for loneliness yet at the same time fear it?

Slightly ironic that I’m quite enjoying my solitude on Christmas Day. Its been ages since I’ve been alone…. and I mean… feel alone. Makes me think… Who am I? Why does it feel like less and less people know me? Like REALLY know me… Am I getting better at wearing masks? Its been a weird year. Been more social, more confident, cocky even… I wouldn’t say my family knows me well… Cause I have a Chinese family… parents don’t really understand their children =P I’d say my friends understand me to an extent. But I’m sure I annoy, confuse and frustrate them on with my extreme over confidence and lack of confidence. I’m like a box of chocolates… you never know what you gonna get. Might be sweet most of the time… but its mostly to mask the bitterness. I guess that’s the best way to describe myself… I’m a unique blend of sweetness and bitterness.

I just realized that my thoughts are mostly in English. This actually came as a slight surprise to me. I’ve long considered myself to have higher literacy skills in Chinese than English. I can pwn Chinese books in one sitting, where as English books will have to be broken up into days. Could just be because 95% of the books I read and/or own are in Chinese. After thinking about this for a while… I concluded that I can express myself with less effort in English… Yet I can express myself deeper in Chinese.Speaking of Chinese literacy… It used to be the #1 criteria I look for in a girlfriend… Some where along the line, it got lost in the shuffle. I’ve had my share of self doubt about the subject… Wondering if I’m yielding on my standards… I used to think that a person not fluent in Chinese would just be able to understand half of me. But lately, I’ve been putting more weight on just finding someone who can understand me period. Literacy in a language has nothing to do with if someone can understand your intellect, your morals, and your personality. Maybe I’ve just met one Chinese literate air headed girl too many…

Its now boxing day… Went boxing day shopping today. Just wanted a heavy coat. And I actually found one I loved at a great price… Given that its boxing day, its about 1 size too big… but I’ll live. I rarely find pieces of clothing that I just look at… and think… This is Me. The only one that comes to mind is a denim(I think…) jacket I found in new york… Victor’s 2 cents were… It saids you… Cause it looks slightly fob… but not totally fob…

This reminds me of my new years resolutions from last year…

  • Write more in Chinese (Done)
  • Make changes to my wardrobe (Done)
  • Learn an instrument. (Nope)
  • Learn to sing better. (Done… Slightly better…)
  • Learn to cook better. (Nope)
  • Lose15 pounds. (Not even close)

I guess that’s not too bad…. will still need to work on various things.

More randomness:

  • Big Change of the year: I’d say car… Followed by job… Followed by, no more 3S.
  • No Change of the year: Hair, weight, relationship status

End of post #1, lets see how long this blog lives.